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Build digital savvy. We run workshops and talks to help your staff get to grips with new technology and discover how it could change their world and your business.


Talk with confidence. If you know your tech inside and out but can’t get through to non-experts, we'll translate your product into a story that sticks.


Tell your story. We explore the history of invention to craft narratives for general audiences and build awareness through accessible content.


We tell stories about new technologies. 

We find the interesting truths behind their origins and developments. We de-jargon what tech is and de-mystify how it works. We explore why it matters, why it’s changing lives. And we give the confidence to build opinions, and the curiosity to keep learning. 

We believe everyone should have a voice as tech shapes our world. Stories make tech real.


Secrets of Cryptography: What is Hashing?

or, Why cryptographers enjoy passwords with a pinch of salt.

Could these 5 countries be cash-free by 2020?

We’re increasingly using digital money, but these countries are moving faster than others.


Secrets of cryptography: How to thwart eavesdroppers with paint

My name is Alice, yours is Bob. And we’re trying to thwart Eve, the eavesdropper. 


The Origins of Hashing

In 1953, IBM had a problem with their computer search speed. The solution – cocktails, buckets and telephone directories.


Alpacas are Masters of Bitcoin

How did alpacas come to be an unofficial bitcoin mascot? It has everything to do with their footwear...


What Tech Tales Means To Me

I launched Tech Tales after realising how easy it is to feel left behind. Read about my experiences and motivations here.


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